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BALANCE - By Dr. Sandra Adler

I got so many insights and experiences about BALANCE last month. From the time I first heard the ‘Man and the Universe’ Orientation Lecture in 1976 until now I knew that part of my purpose here was to have patience to find BALANCE between my feelings and the intellect.

Because I live in two worlds at one time I need to find that BALANCE between the spiritual and physical parts of my life. When I pass on I will leave all the physical (my mind intellect - and my body) here and take the spiritual, (my soul, feelings and common sense) with me.

I remember Francisco explaining how most of us are in our intellects and we are letting our intellects run our lives. That includes the feelings of the intellect, our emotions. Plus concepts about everything in the physical world our bodies, homes, cars, money, food, possessions, pets and family members, etc. The farther north of the equator we are the more we do this. Intellectually I understand this, but not until now did I get a feeling for it.

BALANCE for me is to follow what I feel and use my intellect to organize me to do what my feelings feel. I have had the not-so-good habit of arguing with my feelings. I would talk myself out of doing what I knew was right for me because of all the excuses what would people think, Im afraid, I dont want to be taken advantage of, theyll think Im crazy, I cant afford it, Im suspicious and all the other blocks I learned from my family and society.

I know how to stay healthy and in BALANCE. I listen to my body. It tells me what it needs how much sleep and when, what to eat, when to exercise, when to rest. My intellect has right and wrong, do and dont, should and shouldnt but thats not my feelings, those are intellectual concepts, emotions. My feelings are always joyful.

I have come to be of service to myself first and others second. I have found BALANCE now that I’m putting myself first. I still love to be helpful to others. I want to do my best work so they are happy with my service. I will help any way I can spiritually and physically. I know that whatever I put out there (thoughts and actions) will come back to me. It’s the law of karma. I love to be of service. I love my involvement with people.

The bottom line is either I do what I feel and do what I’ve come to do or not. My guidance communicate with me through my feelings and not through my intellect. How many times have I made decisions from my intellect and not from my feelings? So many because I could not tell the difference for most of my life. When I would weigh the pros and the cons that was my intellect. When I had to get an opinion from someone else that was my intellect. I already knew what was right for me. It was the feeling that was that fleeting first impression that came in a split second.

I have contracted with my guidance to help me master my life purpose. They never leave me and they do not forget their job. They are persistent, positive and keep trying to give me messages as suggestions. I can ignore my angels or I can listen and act on the feeling. BALANCE is acting on what I discern that I feel.

I will be 75 next month. I am too old to be playing games. I am the most important person in my life. Either I do what I’ve come to do or not. I have completed 96% of what I have come to do "I live and love my spiritual purpose." What I have not done is experience unconditional love. So I am following my feelings and loving (unconditionally) a 57 year old man. I am living a life of fun!

I am no longer consumed with thoughts about how my body should look or what I can or can’t afford or what are my material possessions or what other people think about me or where I live or what I eat. I am going with how I feel. I am hopeful. I believe that I am finally creating the BALANCE in my life that is essential for me to master what I have come to do.

Dr. Sandra Adler
December 5, 2015