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David is a website dedicated to the poems, editorials, essays & spiritual writings of David Hakim.
David Hakim


After 13 years of rejoicing in my God-given ability to write, I am finally writing a “Forward”!  When I first began to devote much time to write, I did not have in mind that I would create a website.  I first attempted to give vent to the encouragement given me by my fellow searchers in the movements created by Dr. Francisco Coll (see to my spontaneous oral pronouncements from spirit in the many classes I attended with these like-minded souls with physical bodies.  My classmates realized their most important purpose for being on planet Earth is to grow spiritually (I began attending lectures and classes and taking spiritual profiles from leaders in the Americana Leadership College in 1972).  Those were very happy moments, moments which I cherish and will cherish for the rest of my life.  I am very happy when I am at the Americana Leadership College, currently in Osceola, Iowa (although we had and do have centers, workshops, and regroupings over many parts of the world in this 44 year period since 1964).   These moments were pleasant because Francisco’s definition of growing spiritually is to be positive, good, kind and loving to ourselves and others. 

I am not surprised to find this positive attitude to be supported by research.  Many times Francisco stated that “You are what you think, not what you think you are!”  This is supported by “The Secret,” which is written about in my links “The Secret” and “Enjoy,” A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose  by Eckhart Tolle (Penguin Group [paperback] (USA), 2008) and Authentic Happiness by Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D. (Free Press [a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc, paperback edition] New York, N.Y., 2003), 9. 

I am pleased to also include inspirational messages and music written by others in this website (see, for example, “Awareness of God” and “Creation,” and the wonderful selections of music and dance URL’s from YouTube in my link, “Music and Dance”).  Please send your selections to me at my email address of (unfortunately, I cannot read any language other than English at this time).  

While writing this forward and most of the body of this website I have and had no doubt that I am doing the right thing for myself for the moment:  I am light-headed and my spirit is so filled with chills from my angels that I know I am doing the right thing  at the right time for myself!  I hope the reader gets as much pleasure from reading this website as I did in creating it with the power of spirit.

David C. Hakim
, Michigan
March 18, 2008  


David Hakim was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 24, 1935. 

After serving in the United States Army from February, 1958 through January, 1961, he completed his  B.A. degree in Political Science in 1963 and a J.D. Degree in 1966 from Wayne State University.

He has been an an Attorney at Law for 41 years. From 1967 to 1971 he was an attorney for the Legal Aid Bureau of Detroit, from 1971 to 1984 he was an Attorney (Estate Tax) with the Internal Revenue Service, and from 1984 to the present he has been in private practice.

Mr. Hakim was Assistant Director of the Chaldean Federation of America from 1993 to 1995 and has been a self-employed grant writer for nonprofit organizations, one of which is the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit.

Mr. Hakim is also the Chairperson and Founder of "Toward
Establishing a Safer Society, Inc. (TESS)"
a nonprofit corporation.

“What It’s All About” 

I am shortly going to attempt to publish this website in a book, entitled “What It’s All About.”   

Anthony Borgia  in Life in the World Unseen (Psychic Press LTD, London, 1981) states that discoveries made in spirit are not passed on to us until we are ready (or you might say that God will not pass on certain knowledge until we are ready for it).   

My website is spiritually based and before publication each article has been read by another to ascertain its spiritual relevance. 

Rev. Estelle Minor, a contributor to this website for “Creation,” “Who Made It Possible to Reap More” and a sharing in “Awareness of God,” writes the following: 

Thank you for giving me and others a venue for broadcasting what we have come to understand!  Like a drum roll, you invite attention to the ideas of others. 

Your role as encourager strengthened my belief in the validity, even necessity, of investing more in the exercise of writing.

Cheers to this web page for expanding Earth's consciousness!

David C. Hakim
, Michigan
June 1, 20, 2008 



Some selections on my website,, mentioned at the ending of this paper refer to “Reincarnation” or other troubling doctrines.  Simply explained, reincarnation is the belief that when a person passes on he or she may choose to return to planet earth, again in a human form.


No one is ever forced to reincarnate.  In fact, if one chooses, he may never need to consider the doctrine or its implications.   


For those who may be searching, references concerning reincarnation are found in the Bible, the principal one being the following (from

A cloud overshadowed them and a voice out of the cloud declared: 'This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him" (Matthew 17:5). For the disciples, the event was further confirmation that their Master was indeed the Son of God. But they also remembered the teaching of the Scribes (presumably based on the prophecy recorded in Malachi 4:5) that Elijah must come before the Messiah. Hence, they, sought clarification from Jesus. They asked "Why do the scribes say that first Elijah must come?" In answer, Jesus is reported to have said:

But I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not know him, but did to him whatever they pleased (Matthew 17:12).

But I tell you that Elijah has come, and they did to him whatever they pleased, as it is written of him (Mark 9:13).

The two statements are substantially the same. And they show Jesus as confirming the truth of the prophecy that Elijah would reincarnate, and stating that Elijah had, in fact, already reincarnated. But Jesus does not reveal the identity of the reincarnated Elijah.

Matthew goes on to add a statement that is not in Mark: 'Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them of John the Baptist" (Matthew 17:13). This is a repetition of the view of the author of this Gospel that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah (Matthew 11: 14 15). Matthew gives the impression here that this view was also held by the three disciples - Peter, James, and John - who were in the company of Jesus on the occasion of the Transfiguration.

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Some of the selections that may cause difficulty to the reader are the following:

            The Awareness of the Presence of God


Christ and the Jews






            I love you, my Lord….






David C. Hakim
, Michigan

October 7, 2008